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Annual Hooftrimmers Collegue Meeting 2017

Being manufacturer of claw treatment crushes for cattle owners and professional hoof trimmers, Wopa cannot be missed on the Annual Hooftrimmer Collegue Meeting 2017.
The Annual Hooftrimmer Collegue Meeting 2017 was held at Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, organized by the Union For Claw Treatment, VVRP.

The new professional claw treatment crush SA0061 Trim-Master RS has had its premiere at the Euro-Tier 2016 fair in Hanover, Germany.

At Dairy Campus Wopa’s Jan-Willem Wopereis presented the new crush, explaining all novelties which are released in the design of the SA0061 RS.


After the presentation hoof trimmers were able to see the professional claw treatment crush in action.
The advantages, communicated earlier in this news item, were shown in practice.
Hoof trimmer Leen Douw treated 12 cows in the new SA0061 Trim-Master RS.


What occurred very clearly was the much less stressful walking in the claw treatment crush by the cows.
When daily behaviour of milk cattle is disturbed by stress, it takes a while before the cow can restore her daily routine.
Also the understanding of society decreases when people see a cow acting wild in a claw treatment crush.
A few good remarks of the SA0061 Trim-Master RD are mobility, working pleasure, reliabilty and cow comfort.

Of course you are very welcome here at our company, to see and talk over all possibilities of the SA0061 Trim-Master RS.

You can also send an e-mail to or telephone us (+31) (0) 544 37 24 15.


We say thank you to all visitors of the Annual Hooftrimmers Collegue Meeting 2017 for their visit to the presentation of the professional claw treatment crush SA0061 Trim-Master RS and their visit to the demonstration of hoof trimming by hoof trimmer Leen Douw.

We also say thank you to the organization of Dairy Campus for the well organized day.

The Wopa Team