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Veehof New Zealand

For our dealer Veehof in New Zealand an order of 30 claw treatment crushes for cattle farmers is ready to be shipped.
About 3 months before Mr. Hoekstra (owner of Veehof) had become his eighth SA0051 Trim-Master together with a range claw treatment crushes for cattle farmers.
The 30 claw treatment crushes for cattle farmers, will be shipped unassembled to save space for the shipment by container overseas.


For the first time cattle farmers in Australia and New Zealand can use the option RD022535 W-Bracket Adjustable.
The W-bracket is available already for years on our hydraulic treatment boxes and are now also available on claw treatment crushes for cattle farmers.
In association with Mr. Antoine Janssen, teacher in claw treatment, the W-bracket has been optimized, to create a better balance between fixation of the back leg of the cow and the working position for the hoof trimmer. A less optimal working position can be very frustrating for hoof trimmer and cow.


The Veehof company is exclusive reseller for New Zealand and Australia already for years.
We hope that with the new W-bracket our service to Veehof, cattle farmers and hoof trimmer improve even more.