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Red is the color: 2-Component Claw Resin (200 ml)

Already thousands of the Red Wopa series hoof glue have found their way to our customers!

– We have ‘improved’ the netting (Teflon layer) process of the Wopa red claw resin with a few seconds.
– Performance in terms of long time sticking to the claw is outstanding.
– Fast curing time.
– Good quality from batch to batch due to high class raw materials and very hard testing during quality control.
– Good performance not only good today, it will be good tomorrow and many days ahead.
– No heating needed for Wopa glue even at temperatures below 0°C (not below -5°C).
– Made only with raw materials from top manfacturers like Bayer and BASF.
– Every batch (of course which has passed the quality control) has the same performance.
– Sulzer cartridge and nozzle (MFQ 8.7-24) for accurate application.
– No cross contamination with the Sulzer nozzle.

Checkout our video:

– Wopa adhesive is: REACH conform (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). This regulation applies to all countries of the European Union.

We are convinced that you will be very content of the result after having tried the new Wopa Resin. Do not hesitate to call us for a sharp offer! Phone (+31) (0) 544 372 415.