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About WOPA Claw Treatment

WOPA has been a manufacturer of high-quality machinery for the agricultural sector since its establishment in 1971. Mainly, WOPA focuses on the development and production of treatment boxes for dairy cattle.

Whether you are a dairy farmer, hooftrimmer or veterinarian, we have a treatment box for you! With more than 30 sales points worldwide, we can always be of service to you!

WOPA treatment boxes have been known for years for their quality and robust construction. This gives our machines a long service life.

From welding to final assembly, the entire production process takes place in-house at WOPA. Multiple quality checks are carried out during production so that we can guarantee a high-quality end product.

Prioritising animal welfare and safety, WOPA treatment boxes are developed by our own research & development team. To develop the best treatment box for animals and humans, we work closely with hooftrimmers, dairy farmers and veterinarians.

You can also come to WOPA for all your hoof trimming needs. We have an extensive range including our own WOPA Claw Adhesive. But also hoof blocks, tape, (ergonomic) hoof knives, hoof pincers and hoof rasps. For safety and maintenance, you have also come to the right place. Gloves, wrist guards, aprons, safety glasses, grinders and belt grinders can be found in our product range.

Want to see more? Check out our company video below!